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Why to use voice commands - like cmd without keyboard

So this is the thing...
Voice commands have always been this cool sci-fi thing that people have dreamt about using. Some have created services around it (Siri and Nova are great examples).

And some have integrated it into thier systems fully (Like on Xbox One and in Windows Phone).

But i often hear this little line: Voice commands are cool, but I don't see why I need them since I can just use the controller/touch/mouse

I think I have the answer to that statement...
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Voice command = CMD, PowerShell, Shortcut...

So what do I mean by this... Well, if you've ever used something like powershell or bash (cmd for Linux) you know that you can do a lot of things with just one command.
You don't have to go through some menus to get to the function and then start the program. You just write what you want to happen and boom it happens!

So the voice command is awesome when you are anywhere in a system, for example in a game on Xbox One. And you want to do something else... like take a look at your friend list. You could do this with the controller:

  • Press the xbox home button
  • Press left once
  • Press A
  • Press down to the friends list
  • Press A

Or you could just say Xbox, Show Friends and the xbox will jump there directly.
This is the awesomeness of voice commands, and why I know I'm going to use it (also, voice commands are cool!)
Here is another example where Larry Hryb uses the comman Xbox, Use a code instead of pressing several buttons, he managed to do it all in under six seconds using his voice

My prediction

So, my prediction is that Voice Commands will be what the cmd/powershell/bash/whatever command prompt is today to the normal GUI operating system user.
A place you go to when you would like to do a specific task, from anywhere in the system.

And then you also have the games... Games will do crazy shit with technology! Voice is not an exception.