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Why I'm going to say no to my first employer

I've had the privilage of meeting A LOT of awesome people!
They are all different and awesome in unique ways. But most of them have learnt me one thing...

Say no

Say no to the first

It usually goes something like this:

  1. You have a bright future ahead of you.
  2. There's a lot of jobs out there for you.
  3. You will have a lot of options.
  4. Don't take the first you find.

So that's what they're saying if you just hear. But when I really listen to what they say I hear so much more. So much that I really do need to hear. And that I should listen to really carefully!

I choose

It's not the employeer that choses me. I choose them!
As the awesome Iris said:

"So how do I come close the perfecting in my quest? I do what I’ve always done, I ask questions" (link)

She also had a list of questions and areas she always asks the employeer about (so If you're going to an interview, read her post beforehand).
This was something new to me when I first read it. Can I ask questions? Shouldn't I be the happy one that got to an interview and might, just might, get a job?!?

But what she writes is something I'm starting to believe in more and more. Sure, she's an experienced developer. I'm... Not really a developer yet. But I can still ask questions, I can still expect to be treated the way I want to be treated, and get a job I want to have.

What could happen, and what I want

Someone I know got his first job some weeks ago (congratz). But when I asked what kind of tasks the job included and what they were going to do, they didn't know.

I hope I'll never get in such a position. That for me would be to get in a position where I just go to work to work. Do what someone else wants me to do, to create for someone else. And I don't think I would manage to stay floating for a long time like that :/

No, what I want is that I can put as much demands on my employeer as they can on me.
They can expect me to deliver creative thoughts and creative code. While I can expect them to keep my mind fresh with events, courses challenges and interesting people.

When I get that, it might be a place where I'll go, not to work. But to grow. To grow and learn.

And then, then I just might be happy :)
Choose a job you love

Saying no?

Oh, right!
Why I should say right in the beginning?

My thoughts goes like this. The first employeer that approaches me isn't going to know a lot about me. They havnen't asked me all questions that needs to be asked and I haven't had the time to ask them all of my questions.
And my dream employeer wouldn't work like that. So it's not my dream emplyeer, and I can safely say no to them. And walk away with a smile :)

The other point

There is also another point in all this 'no'-saying. That point is that someone that says a thoughtful no thinks about more then just now.

I've historically been very bad at saying no. Taking on almost everything, doing a lot of things. Most of it good, and most of it fun. But I really should have said no to some of the things. And so, I need to learn to use that word in the future.

It's a powerful word. The ability to say no is extraordinary!
And to not use this power is just stupid.

I should grab on to opportunities. But be careful what's offered to me.

Over and out!