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What a schedule reveals about the (WP) future

UPDATE: Now with links!

It's out!
The BUILD 2014 schedule has been released. And with that they have also released a lot of descriptions about the talks that are going to happen.

I'm quickly giong to go through them and try to figure out what new things we'll see in Windows Phone.

Let's go!

The New Windows Phone Application Model

Alright, so this description is a little bit secretive, but they do tell us that a lot of new stuff will come:

The new release of Windows Phone dramatically expands the ways in which developers can build applications and games, by adding several new programming models, and also expanding the application model to support a broader set of developer scenarios"

Windows Phone and Windows: Store and Dev Center

So here we can clearly see that WP and Win are getting closer too each other. The store and dev center seems to be connected. (however not totally sure about this)

Multitasking and Triggered Background Tasks for Windows Phone Apps

Just read this:

Windows Phone 8.1 introduces new mechanisms to allow applications to execute while not in the foreground. A converged Triggers and Background Tasks implementation allows tasks to launch on time, location, push, Bluetooth and system events.

Soooo awesome!

The New Video Editing APIs for Windows Phone: Windows.Media.Editing

This means that we'll hopefully see a lot of new video editing apps for Windows Phone!
It's said to be very powerful and simple to use, developers will be happy :D

What’s New with Windows Phone Silverlight Apps!

Maybe not something awesome, more like a question.
But now they're mentioning silverlight more then they usually do...

...new features we’ve enabled with Silverlight 8.1. We’ll walk through creating new Silverlight 8.1 apps, upgrading existing Silverlight 8.0 apps...

Very interesting indeed...

Windows Runtime for Windows Phone Developers

Even more text talking about that WP and Win are getting closer and closer. Now they share a common runtime and thousands of API´s

App Studio for Windows and Windows Phone: Pre Launch Preview

The new app studio will support creating WP+Win apps easily! :D

Building Great Bluetooth Apps for Windows Phone

New Bluetooth APIs! :D
Supporting bluetooth LE. This could be the last push needed to bring apps like fitbit to the platform.

New Integration Opportunities with Wallet on Windows Phone

New features for the wallet... Didn't really use it... This might change all that!

Notification Platform Development on Windows + Live Tiles Enhancements

And last but not least some more notification stuff. This talking about that Win8 and WP8.1 might have very similar notification models. Something else that is also converging is the Live Tiles across WP and Win. Interesting indeed!


Windows and Windows Phone have a converged notification platform and development model starting in Windows Phone 8.1. Come learn what the converged platform means for your existing apps and how to take advantage of the new platform and great new features shared with Windows.

Live Tiles:

Windows and Windows Phone have a converged Live Tiles platform and development model. In Windows Phone 8.1 you’ll be able to do great new things with the Tiles Platform and this session is targeted at helping you understand several critical tiles topics. Specifically, migrating your tiles from a Windows Phone 8.0 app to a Windows Phone 8.1 app and how to best take advantage of the new Tile Templates and scenarios available to you using the converged model on Windows Phone 8.1.