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What a good 'line manager' gives me

This summer I'd the firsts summer that is had a real software job, with a real manager/boss and a real project to work on. It's very different from what I've done before, but it feels good different.

How different?

It's different in many ways, for once there's someone that has responsibility over me. Someone that gets reviewed on my work, if I don't deliver, then it's more often than not the line manager that gets the blame.
This gives my line manager a special position, and puts me in a spot I've never really been in before.

For now it feels really good, I feel as if my line manager knows what he's doing and that he got the knowledge to make the right decisions.

But it was definitely a different experience and something I didn't feel as if I used it as much as I probably should.
The line manager is actually there for me, to make me work better, faster and easier.

Next time I work, I'm going to "use" my boss or higher-up as much as I can! (in a good way of course)
That way, it'll be easier for me and that is something my emplyeer will benefit from.