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Creating a OneDrive web app - Getting Started

While looking at the OneDrive uservoice I found this little goodie.
I thought it sounded like a fun little project, so I'm going to try to do that during this weekend (since I missed the hackathon).

The goals - Functional

The goal of the app is simple:

  • Allow an anonumous user to upload a file to my predefined OneDrive folder

The goals - Personal

For me, there are some more goals with this than the 'simple' service.

  • Do something real with Node
  • Test out Jade and express
  • Write some blog posts
  • Have code ready for code-review
  • Practice using Office365 APIs

Attack plan!

Let's do this!
I've started out by watching some videos on channel9 about the apis.

Now, File->New->"Basic Azure Node.js Express Application"
Visual Studio open with app.js

See you in some hours!