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Uppsala App-Hackathon - 17 Februari

Whatsup awesome people?!

You know something awesome that's about to happen? Well, there will be hackathons! :D
And there will be more than one!

PS. I'm not the "boss" of the hackathon, I'm just spreading the info since I think it should be spread. All info on this page is simply my thoughts, everything might be wrong... .DS

The first Hackathon of 2014

Uppsala App-hackathon

This hackathon will be held at in Uppsala at the "Göteborgs nation". It will be a one-day thing which will start at 15:00 and end 21:00.
So not that long. Which I think will be a good thing since it seems to be more towards students (you know, the little people that needs to sleep)

I will be there, hacking on some stuff and helping everyone that is brave enough to ask for it! Hope I see you there

The agenda

15:00 - The hack opens, you can now start with your projects or maybe play some Xbox while you're at it?
17:00 - Seminar (Get started developing for Windows)

Sometime - Food! (free food is awesome food)

The competitions

This hackathon will feature two competitions.


On the 24th of Februari a jury will sit down with all the apps submitted from the hackathon that has passed its way to the store and choose one lucky winner that will recieve a Surface Pro!
(the app does not need to be finished during the hack, it just needs to be started on the hack and in store before the 24th)


There will be an Xbox competition (there are rumors that they might have an Xbox One with them!) And the price might be something... colorful ;)


To sign up for this event you just press the link and register :D

You want to do that ASAP since it's free, it will be awesome and there will be awesome people! (yes that means you're one of the awesome when you attend)

Only one?

I know I said it would be more than one, and there will be!
But I want to write about that later, now (as a student) I need to slepp!

But I can tell you this! The next hackathon... just might include a dice game.