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The goal has been set...

A couple of days ago I sat down and talked with a awesome person about my future and past. I'm very lucky that this person works in the industry my goal is to becoma a part of.

And then he's also my dad :)
Looking forward

The plan

So we talked, we talked about my future and where I am now. We talked about the summerjob I currently got at Ericsson, what I think about working at a big company and more importantly a company like Ericsson. We talked about where I want to go and how fast I want to go there.

After some time speaking it became clear that I wanted to work at Microsoft. I've almost always wanted to, but it seems so very far away.
But that's were my dads come in, he's pretty darn awesome. Telling me that I might want to aim for the goal already. Not taking small steps and doing other things, but to take the big leap and really try!

So that's what I'm going to do, and I'm going to get there.
Microsoft logo at redmond

The present

As I said I currently work at Ericsson as a summerworker. I work on a summer project that was given to me before I started and that I should hopefully finish before I leave.
It's fun to have something 'real' to work on. But it really just feals like a small summer project and doesn't feel like a place I'm going to stay on for any longer periods of time.

Time to look forward and try to get where I really want to be.

The blog

So, why this blog?
It has existed for some time (January 2014) but I haven't really written a lot and I havn't really invested any time into it.
But that is going to change! There are some amazing people that blog, for example Iris Classon, it really feels like her blog is a tool for her as much as it helps other people.

And I want that :) The goal is to write a little bit similar to her, I want to write about almost everything. I will write about my life, share tips and tricks for things I'm working on and maybe just topics I think is interesting.
However, I don't want to be like Iris. I am not Iris, I'm me and will be like me :D

The focus of this blog will be something like...
A blog for students interested in the tech industry. To learn about tech, and the industry, mainly focused on the Microsoft part of things :)

This blog will be run on the ghost platform, because I think it looks awesome and is on the right track! To being awesome for blogging.
Ghost logo

The rules

I need to set up some sort of rules for myself.
There will be one rule and one rule only for now. Which is:

  1. One post atleast every 8 days

Over and out!