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Shortcut of the day

This is one of those shortcuts that will save you a lot of time (if you're a power user)

You sometimes might want to do these things:

  • Uninstall a program
  • See all installed devices
  • Open a command prompt as admin
  • Take a look at the event viewer
  • See power options
  • and more...

The shortcut

This shortcut opens up a sort of power meny which gives you quick access to a lot of places.
Windows + X

The power meny

And now you can even use shortcuts within the shortcut to open some stuff directly, my favorites are:

  • Windows + X, A = open cmd as admin
  • Windows + X, U,U = shut down the computer
  • Windows + X, Y = show information about the computer

I hope this could be of any help, have a good day!