QNAP NAS Expanding storage

We have our NAS primarly for one reason. To save the most important files we got, and to be able to save a lot of them. So you might imagine I was a little bit worried when this sight greeted me when I logged into the NAS
Abnormal status from SMART harddrive tests

But we've used computers and technology before! Our NAS is set up using RAID 5, we knew it should be able to handle this sort of things. So I wasn't worried... yet.

Fix attempt

I started by ordering a new hard drive. Why not make it bigger just because I needed to buy one anyway.
So here I am with my new disk, and I wanted to replace the "abnormal" disk with the new one.

I logged into the NAS and pressed "Expand capacity" which seemed like a good option. I then selected the hard drive... and... couldn't press change.

It seems like the harddrive isn't feeling good at all, I can't even change it.
Now I started to become a little bit worried. If I can't change the drive, what does that mean? Does it mean the drive is being used to get back some data from it and the NAS REALLY doesn't want me to mess with it? Is the NAS messed up so it thinks the drive is busy but it aint?

I tried to think logical and since it is running a RAID 5 configuration. I should be able to just hot-swap the drives and then rebuild the RAID storage. But something could go wrong...

One last test

So before I just wreck the hard drive out of the NAS and possibly destroy everything I'm first going easy be doing a quick scan of the failing disk to see if that might get it in a better mood.
Scanning for bad blocks


So the scan didn't help much and I decided to change the harddrive without being as nice as I maybe should be...
So, we took out the bad drive and the NAS started beeping, I was also inside the portal at the time so I could see that the RAID configuration turned into "degraded mode".
The good thing was however that my brother who was using the NAS at that moment didn't experience any difference at all.

We then took the new drive and put into the NAS, waited some... and waited...
And then got the message "Failed to add the new drive, disk space is too small"

No, no, no, no! It's bigger, it's a lot bigger... But inside the portal the NAS reported the device as being 0MB in size... That's bad...
And before we could think any more about it, the NAS started beeping again, this time saying that we had plugged out the drive. But we hadn't touched it at all...

We decided to let it be for a while and see if it maybe would fix itself, that it just might need a little bit of time to find the drive and so forth. So we waited.
Waiting But nothing happened.

The long road back

After this and a couple of more fixing attempts we decided to reset the NAS itself. Just because we couldn't find anything wrong with any of them. So, we reset the NAS set it up again with our credentials. At first when we logged in we couldn't see any of our previous folders. So we thought we had lost all data :/
So imagine our response when we created a folder with the same name as one which existed on the last setup and that folder magically was filled with everything we had then!
It turned out that we simply needed to recreate the root folders that we had before and the NAS would rediscover all data that was already in there.

And that's how this scary NAS scenario ended happily.
More NAS stuff might be on it's way :)