My year in review

Alright, so 2014 is over. And I survived it.

It was a good year, a year of new experiecnces and new insights into myself and the world around me.

2014 is an excellent setup for 2015

I remembered the new year leading up to 2014, it was a nice evening. I was at a new place with some people I already knew, but mostly new people.
In some ways this is very much the same, a new place, some people I know but mostly new people.

The main difference is... This year, I'm REALLY looking forward to the new year. I looked forward to last year, but I also knew it was sort of going to be like a normal year. I was going to go to school, I was going to do stuff. And yeah...

Things that changed

So, what happened in 2014 that really changed who I am and who I will become?

Expanded views

During 2014 I did some things that enabled me to hear a lot of interesting people that could help me see the world in a new way.
Picture from Pride 2014

I attended Stockholm Pride 2014, an excellent event that showed a lot of interesting people and that showed how open and invitation Stockholm can be.

After that I started listening and actively seeking the opinions of those people I was introduced to during pride. Not just them, but what people call 'minorities'.

I noticed that I really didn't heard those opinions in my normal "news feed" or among the experiences I see and hear every day. But when I actively started searching for it, I had no trouble at all with finding it. (some tips: @ThatSabineGirl, @radiomorillo, @sophiaphotos, @ultrasaurus)

New goals

I could do this as a long list of small goals and things I want to do. But after this year, most notably the last four months, I've learnt that I can summarize it all in one sentance:
"I want to actively start sharing my knowledge, inspire, continue to learn, fight for me and smile."