My personal sprint - Week 2, Day 1+2


The week started off pretty good.
Let's continue on that momentum and go above and beyond!

Standup x2

Good food, okay work

It was as I said a pretty good Monday.
Had a wonderful lunch with AMAZING clever, beautiful, challenging and funny people. Also managed to get some good work done towards the end of the day. But some of the stuff done in the beginning might need to be... thrown away :/ It did however felt like I got stuff done and progressed.
The restaurant egoiste we had our lunch at, recommended promotional pic from the restaurant we ate at

No power, meeting galore

Yesterday there was retro + planning + review of design reviews and on top of that a power outage across a large part of Stockholm, including the True HQ.
So, naturally, we had a ping pong tournament and then went out for lunch!
Candles in the dark photo by me from a movie night a few weeks back

Oh, and... I ran in the morning before work :D
Run map

Run chart

Run data

Room for improvement

One of my colleagues found an error I'd made, which is brilliant. The problem here is that it's the second time a similar thing has been found. And as you know, one time is a mistake, two times is a habit. I'll bring it up on standup today and see if the others have any tips to get rid of this thing.

What it is I'm doing? Well, this is now the second time that I've left hard-coded strings in the code :(