My personal sprint - Week 2, Retro

This was the week I tried to run before work. Which feels like something I'll try and keep up with. As I said before, one big advantage is that it's really hard for anything other than sleep to get in the way.


The results of this week are similar to the first week. I managed to run two out of three times. The missed one was the one during the weekend.

Still, doing two 3k runs every week is A LOT better than nothing! If I'm able to turn that into a habit, I'll be really content.

And if I'm missing out the weekend runs because similar movie-night reasons as this one, I promise that I'll never complain :)

Movie sorting Halfway through sorting all the movies at my friends


So, I've now test to run during the afternoon one week and one week where I run in the mornings. Morning running seems to work a lot better for me so that's what I'll stick to.


Alright, new week new goals. This week it's about sleep again. Since there's a hackathon during the weekend, my goal these days is to get 7+ hours of sleep each day. I'm currently on the edge of that time with 6h 56m Sunday->Monday and 7h 13m Monday -> Tuesday. But that the duration I'm in bed, the best would be to get around 7 hours of sleep duration. Something that I'm positive I should be able to do.

Longer goal

This is still a very "feel good" sorta thing. My hopes is to start the transition maybe next week, start to transition into something that actually might be interesting to read for some. And not just keep it as a diary.