My personal sprint - Week 2, Day 3 + 4 + 5

Those days went by a little bit too fast for comfort.

What has happened? There was a release of some new phones on Wednesday and Thursday was the day of an AMA (ask me anything) at the office as well as a morning run for me.

Let's just quickly break the down.


If you only look at 'the day' it was pretty bad one actually. Lots of problems, things that didnt do what they should and so forth.
But then, then it was a launch. Microsoft launched the Lumia 950 and 950 XL at Tele2 Kungsgatan.
The phones are pretty cray and some of the people I meet there are wonderful.
Present I got the team from the launch


Another morning run was completed on this day. And damn, I think that might be the way to do it!
It makes sure I get up in the morning AND it's easier to actually do. Not that often you plan things to do before work ^^

Map of my run

Some data about the run

A chart showing pace and heartrate about the run

Once again, it's clear that at that longer elevation increase my pace takes a huge drop after my heartrate has increased into the "hard" level.
Also, this time I tried to do some sort of "sprint" in the end. Didn't really work out in that sense that id didn't go that much faster... But I did increase my heart rate quite a bit so for me it shows that it wasn't just in my head (yay).


During the Thursday afternoon we had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) at the office.

Three speakers and three rooms were setup so that people could join us and listen to Rishit (in picture above) regarding our product, Björn about how we do analytics and Ted about marketing.

We also had four rooms... Yes, one more room than speakers :P This extra room was "our" room, the developer room. "Unfortunately" the speakers did such a great job that most of the attendees directly went to the room with speakers in it.
Next time though!


The Friday was sort of a...
burndown-looks-like-a-waterfall-crazy-efficiant-shit-gets-done-day It was also a...