My personal sprint - Week 1, retro

Okay, that didn't quite go as I had hoped...
Here's what happened, and how to improve it.

The goals

My goals for the week was fairly simple, run three times after work. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Without everything else falling apart.

The results

The week started really well with two good runs and okay going home times. Then Friday happened xD And this Friday was no other than... Christmas party!

'The' Christmas Party

"The bus is leaving in five!" - Mela shouted as she swung the door open and we started to roll out to the waiting buses. Onboard the bus on our way to the 'secret location' it felt like... Well... It felt like a school trip to be honest. The bus got divided into different sections quite quickly, where one section... was a bit louder than the other :P
Inside the bus (view inside the bus)

We arrived in BĂ„lsta where we had an excellent Swedish "julbord" (tapas style...). And then danced the night away.
Thankfully for me some work colleagues had brought their car, so there was a way for me to get quite easily home safe and sound.

The weekend

So far 'okay'. I had missed the run on Friday but still had some time to come out with three runs during one week.
Unfortunately that didn't happen.


The Saturday started off with me sleeping for... 3.5 hours according to my band :P Which is... not a lot!

But then it was time to entertain the kids that join us at CoderDojo. However I got a very... saddening call during the Dojo. But I was able to join most of if and I think the Dojo itself was a success.

After that I met some wonderful people and helped with laying the foundation of a Christmas spirit. When more amazing peeps turned up I escaped... In a sense to protect myself. In hindsight it was a good idea because I got home and slept for 13+ hours.

However I do feel... jealousy when I see or hear proof of fun moments that I knew I could have been a part of.
Something that I just need to continue working on improving :)


Sunday was rainy, boring and a little bit sad.
Wont go into too much detail, but let's just say I didn't run anything.


The week started good. The weekend was kinda bad, but had some really good moments.

Three runs is still the goal! (for this new week).