My personal sprint - Week 1, Part 4

Woho! I'm writing each and every day :D


One goes up, the other down

Woho! I managed to run yesterday again ^^
I was right with the event taking some extra time that I felt like I needed to take back at work. Mostly because I was the only one in the team that actually stayed at the event (was only in Swedish although the description was in English).

Luckily they had food at work so ate there and got home before 9pm. The rain didn't stop me and I managed to perform an excellent run. More than 1.5 minutes faster and the same length (looks longer because the GPS worked now, the last was a clever guess)
Map of my run Summary stats Heartbeat goes up when pace goes down

Afterwards when I looked at the stats for the actual run I noticed something interesting when overlaying my heartrate on my pace. You can clearly see that it looks like my heartrate and pace is inverted proportional :O I think that's super interesting!

What happened?

Is it because there's a steep slope? Maybe... there's a steep slope at about 0.75km in, but there's two even steeper ones, one between 1-2km and the other 2-3km. Which almost doesn't show up... at all!

When I think about the actual thought process when running it does make a little bit more sense. When I ran, before I hit that first kilometer I thought about doing a shorter run, because it was raining and that kind of stuff, I thought about giving up early. But after the uphill (and the downhill) directly before the 1km mark I figured that I should be able to do it. Last time it took ~15 minutes, and that was time I had. So I set my mind straight on doing it, and then it seems as if I found a steady pulse and pace.


Okay, what's stopping me the coming days...
Well, I'd say the Christmas party could be sort of a showstopper... If it does then I'll run once during the weekend.
3 times a week is my goal. If I do that, then I'm happy.

PS. This Friday will be my first official company party EVER! I have no idea what to expect :P .DS