My personal sprint - Week 1, Part 3

Day three is here!
It will start with a session about corporation between UX and Dev at Jaway and then turn into a "normal" day.

Just another quick thing. No, this thing is not turning into a exercise blog. First of all it's turning into a blog where I'm actually writing. Then it will morph into a tech blog :)


Previously... on LOST

Yesterday was a resting day... Which in reality meant (when not at work), creating posters for Swetugg and writing inspirational quotes for a blog.
Swetugg poster (poster in Swedish)


Even though the event is one of todays highlights, it might also be the impediment of the day. Since it will make me get to work a bit later, it might also make me stay a bit longer. But hopefully I'll see it as work and be able to leave quite early. Don't want to miss that run do I?

PS. I haven't seen LOST except the first episode... .DS