My personal sprint - Week 1, Part 2

It has begun!
Just so that everyone remembers, Sweden is dark right now! Let's just say that I was thankful for electricity and street lights yesterday.


What I've done

First run summary data First run pace and distance So, successfully made that small run (yay!).
Slightly under 3km, with a rather steady pace. Didn't feel too bad.
It only resulted in an effective run of less than 20 minutes, but I did do it, which feels a lot better than having skipped it.
My goal is to later have it so that from the thought "let's make that run" appears until I'm home again ready to do something else. It should take ~1 hour.
The longest time yesterday was preparing, something I need to work on.


The current impediment is mostly myself. So I'll try and have a close look at myself :P
Also, the weather could turn into an impediment if it gets too slippery or something similar.
Other than that there's also the constant notion of work taking more time. But that should be mostly up to me.
So once again, it all comes back...

Time for day two, let's see if there's any changes.