My personal sprint - Week 1, Part 1

Good morning, and good Monday!

As a lot of you people already know, agile is a pretty cool and interesting thing. It works great in groups and help us collaborate and work iteratively. It helps us focus, improve and most of all deliver something we're happy with. A lot of things in agile seemed to me usable in a one person-team as well. Aka: my life.
This will be the first post where I talk about me trying to use what I know about agile (I've been doing it for only ~3 months so not a lot) on my own personal life.
The only thing I can write about.

A sprint

I've decided to go with 1 week sprints for my own agile test.
These weeks will include one change in my behavior each week, and in the end it will be evaluated and a new behavior change will be set. Sundays will be retro and planning with... myself...
And the rest of the week will be execution.

The data

To evaluate the behavior changes I try out I need some sort of data to look back on. Some data to evaluate against.
Most of the stuff might be very hard to evaluate based on data because the goal of having these sprints is not to be a more effective team, save time or money but to be happier. And measuring happiness is not the easiest... But there are things that might influence my happiness that I can measure. So I will try and measure whatever I can.

The first sprint

So, what is this first sprint going to be about?
Well... To be completely honest with you, this is not the first sprint. This is the third.
The first was about getting to work before nine, and the second about going from work before seven.
This one, will be of a bit more personal it will be about discipline (ugh), and running.
It's building on the two previous sprints in such a way that both need to be fullfilled in order for these to work as well.

Ready... Set... Go!

So, let's try out the first run. To be noted is that it's super DUPER dark here in Sweden right now.
Let's just hope I don't crash the first thing that happens. Whish me good luck!