It's alive!

I've managed to finally get this blog up and running again.
It was about one and a half year ago it's demise :P Very close to the time when I no longer worked for Truecaller actually... Huh... Anyway!

It's up and running mostly because of this GitHub repo by Felix that includes everything necessary for a Ghost instance to run on Azure. The web.config, iisnode.yml and config.js examples brought this site back up!

Well, well. It's alive and I hope I'll be able to add some content. Because oh my have I learned stuff :D And I'm so excited to share what I've learned. Mostly to myself so that mistakes I've done is something I can learn from.

Let's not get into too much sweet-talking myself, let's get started!

So it's actually time to start blogging :D Haven't done it... At all to be honest, and I want to try it out. Hopefully share some stuffs.

Interested to see how this experiment goes, and what I'll learn from it!

Next step

First of, perhaps get some SSL going on this thing. Either that or more content... We'll see :)

Oh also... It would be nice with an emoji extension :P Because as you might notice... I need that!