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I have a type-PC! 😲

You know the thing when you get wrapped up in work?
When you work so much that the other hours are just sleep and food?

Yeah... I'm there kinda. So I thought to myself, why is this? And more importantly, how could I help myself change it?

After some deep thinking, some testing with different methods, I have a new, non-tested method that I came up with. Once I had figured out a plan I... bought a computer.

Surface Laptop spinning
Photo by Microsoft

Why would that solve any problem?

First of, excellent question!
There's a couple of things having a new computer gives me.

I haven't owned a personal computer since... I think last year in college. Since that point I either had borrowed computers or a work computer. This "work" computer also became my personal computer since I would drag it with me all the time, and it was the only one I had.

That meant that whenever I was using a computer, work was really close. It was extremely simple just to start up whatever and... Do work. Minimizing the border between work and personal life even more.

Also, this computer doesn't even run normal programs like Visual Studio or other stuff I'd really need for work. So it's really really hard for me to work on it!
But since I now have a computer, I don't even need to carry my work computer home, hopefully leaving work there. At work.

Really, you need a new computer...?

It's a valid point. Do I really need to buy a new computer to fix that?
SHouldn't I be able to simply take control of my life, stop bringing work home with me and just get better at it?

Maybe I should... But I'm not really able to right now.
I have tried telling myself to do better. I have tried other tricks. Alarms when I should go home, letting the entire team know more so that I would put more preassure on myself. But it hasn't really worked out yet...

Why now?

I saw the "try a Surface for 90 days, give it back if you're not 100% happy". I decided it was a good time to try this little experiment out.

If I after <90 days feel that it's not for me, I'll send it back. If it is for me... I'll probably order the red one. (because the red one looks much better)

Red Surface Laptop


First of all, let's make it simple.
The goad is to simply let work be when I get home. That is the first and primary goal.

A wishful side-effect might be that I write more... But that's secondary 😊

Header image by Austin Chan / Unsplash