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EA CodeWars - 22 Februari

I'm sitting here waiting for Linux to compile some kernals for my OS course and thought that this was a perfect time to write some about the next hackathon I'll attend this year!

The second hackathon of 2014

EA Code Wars

This hackathon will occur at four different locations on the same day. And luckily for me one of those events will be held only one hour away from me!

This hackathon is based on the idea of one epic competition with many side-quests. Therefore it's highly recommended to form teams well before the event itself.

What makes it epic

All that is cool, BUT the most awesome thing about this hackathon is the creators.
EA is the main creator (you know, the company that payes for some pretty cool games). But EA isn't the only creator, with them is by my opinion the best studio under EA... DICE!
This kinda means that some super talented and crazy cool peopl might be there to watch over us mortals. And who knows... Maybe they'll even help us?

The agenda

The agenda is currently unknown to me, what I know is that we start at nine in the morning and that they'll serv food. So I'm guessing we'll keep coding the night away!

The competitions

As I said there seems to be two different tracks at this hackathon. One of those is the "main" quest where you should build the best mobile app or game for Windows, iOS, Android or any other open-source thing.
Really like that they are letting all attendees work on the platform they know and work best with!

Then there will also be those minor side-quests, and we have absolutely zero, none, NULL info about those... Will be interesting!

My guess is that the code in this image could have something to do with it...
The strange coded image


To signup and also read more about this hackathon just follow this link: