Curriculum vitae - Fabian Miiro

I'd love to give more info about any of the items specified here. Just contact me at @iloabn and I'll get to it!

Notable assignments

Board member in CoderDojo Stockholm | 2015 - Current

I'm one opf three board members in CoderDojo Stockholm, an organization that mentors kids about programming and other IT knowledges. We're weekly mentoring about 20-40 kids and our events on Saturdays are by standard fully booked.

Member of 'MEET' (Microsoft Extended Expert Team) | (2012 - Now)

During the summer of 2012 I was invited as ”junior” member of MEET.
MEET is short for Microsoft Extended Expert Team and is a collection of developers and IT-pros that are exceptionally awesome and talks at numerous events such as TechEd, TechX, SQL PASS, and so on…

Nominated for RD | 2015

RD or Regional Director is a pretty amazing that that is awarded to the most amazing developers that enhance and give back to the Microsoft developer community. There's only 100+ RDs while there's 1000+ MVPs. So to be nominated for this title was extremely honoring. I didn't recieve it this time, but unless I start working for Microsoft. That's my goal!

Personal or Semi-Personal Projects

Swetugg -

A member and co-organizer of the group that created the Swedish conference "Swetugg". I helped prior to the event with all kinds of preperations and was also present as host/helper during the day and sessions. -

Redesigned and coded the new website for the hair saloon ordinary.

Apps for Windows Phone

I've created several aps for Windows Phone, the one I'm mostly proud of is "Partihjälparen" which is an app that helped users with getting information about swedish parties and where the user thought differently from the parties.


  • Currently writing a thesis about NoSQL (using DocumentDB)
  • Kinect application for the Nobel prize after-party (2013)
  • And so on...


Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) | Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (2012 - 2015)

I started and is on track to fullfilling a degree at KTH.

Trinity College Dublin | Exchange semester (2014)

During my studies I took the chance to do a semester in Dublin at Trinity College Dublin.

This was different environment from at home and I know that I learned a lot. Most notably outside of school, but some of the interesting courses (for example Distributed Systems) managed to teach me several things.

Åva Gymnasium | Technical (2009 - 2012)

Please contact me if you want details about this.

Work experience

For details or references regarding my work experiences please contact me directly.

Developer at Magine | 2016 - present

I started out at Magine working on the Windows application. Delivering a UWP application that worked on both Desktop, Phone and Xbox (also some Holographic users).

Later on I undertook a scrum master role with the creation of the 🌵 team.

Now I'm currently moving over to becoming a backend developer in the Plejmo team, I will eventually help shape and create what is already the largest catalogue of online rent-movies in the Nordics.

Software engineer at Truecaller | 2015 - 2015

I worked at Truecaller with the Windows team creating the Windows Phone version of Truecallers popular app "Truecaller". When I worked there it was in the top 5 in 10+ countries in the Windows store.

The app supported multiple languages, including right-to-left languages.

Developer at Ericsson | (Summer 2014)

I worked at Ericsson in “Continuous Integration Infrastructure Framework 1” on a project where I wrote a git notifier for the internal teams at Ericsson. Integrated with Jenkins, RabbitMQ and used Python to write the clients.

Student Ambassador for Microsoft | (2012 - 2015)

After I had held several small courses for my classmates in high-school I was invited to become a student ambassador. I said yes. I then helped Microsoft during a couple of years with mostly events such as Hackathons, releases and at conferences. Also created and hosted some of these events myself.

Support at Office IT Partner | (Summer 2011)

Worked at first and second line support at Office IT partner. Also handled a lot of configuration of machines and delivered those to clients. Involved customer relations and deep technical knowledge.

Technologies I Like

Languages (In order of proficiency)

  • C# - Enjoy, language of choice
  • PHP - Used in multiple minor and school projects
  • JavaScript (Node.JS) - Interesting but not very experienced with... yet
  • Java - Used extensively in school
  • Python - Used at Ericsson


Often used

  • Visual studio
  • Bootstrap
  • Windows Azure
  • Ghost
  • .NET
  • Git
  • T-SQL

Have tried

  • Kinect SDK
  • RabbitMQ
  • jQuery
  • nginx
  • MySQL
  • Symfony
  • Socket IO
  • Google Analytics
  • SendGrid
  • Vagrant
  • npm
  • and on and on...