BTW - About writing "could you please"-emails and bug reports

So, we all now requests are hard, annoying and sometimes a bit boring?
It doesn't have to be that way!
Make it poetic! Make a rule about how you're going to write it. And then write that bug report like you've never written before! Bad or good, doesn't matter!

This is part of an email of me asking the JIRA admin to enable a git plugin:

As you might understand, confusion was soon at hand! Because dividing work, quickly turns into a quirk. So now they’ve been united, and our heads are all lighted. But we might need a little help from you, to once again turn the process into “True” 😛 The jira board cannot see, the new repository we’ve set free!

So if you please would add this one soon, the team will create an epic tune. Not of melodies and sounds, but work without bounds!