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Bing bigger

I think Bing is the best looking search engine out there. But the images are farely small...
So I made a custom css file that fixes that problem so you can enjoy Bing in full-screen glory without anything in the way!


Bing before custom css


Bing after custom css

How to

It's really simple to add custom css to browsers. I'm going to show how I did it in Internet Explorer 11. But it's possible in almost all modern browsers. Some have handy plugins that can help you with it.

I wrote this small css file that removes the boring parts and enlarges the Bing branding as seen in the pictures, if you want to try out the same you can download it here

  1. Simply press start and typ "internet options"
    Internet options

  2. Open the accessibility menu
    Accessibility menu

  3. Check the "Format documents using my style sheet" checkbox

  4. Point to the downloaded .css file
    CSS file

  5. You're done!